Top Three Tips For the Party Host

Posted on March 02 2020

Top Three Tips For the Party Host



Welcome to Chic and Moody: The Homie Blog.

While Homie is a fabulous little shop with all of my favorite goodies, the shop alone doesn’t tell the whole story. I started Homie because I love throwing parties. I spent years looking for the perfect paper plates, the best servingware, the cutest party hats, chic hostess gifts, etc, etc, then decided I should create a marketplace for all of these goods I had found.

But I also want to share what I’ve learned over the years! I want Homie to be a destination for knowledge AND fun things to buy.

So, to begin this journey, I am honored to share my TOP THREE HOSTING TIPS!

#1 Relax!

I know I am not reinventing the wheel with this one, but it really is so important! You are the party host; you are going to set the tone for the evening. Remember: energy is contagious. If your guests arrive as you’re frantically vacuuming your couch, they’re going to pick up your nervous vibes. Do you want nervous guests? No! Stop cleaning at least 30 minutes before your guests arrive so you have time to chill.

#2 Delegate simple tasks

My mom is a strong believer that guests “love” having a job to do (she reiterates this every time she asks my husband to take out the trash or change a light bulb at her house). I strongly disagree that guests “love” having a “job”, but I think delegating simple tasks can be a welcome reprieve for certain guests. I’ll let you in on a secret: I love hosting parties because I feel awkward as a guest 95% of the time. So, as an awkward guest, I would be honored to refill your ice bucket and pause this very uncomfortable conversation with a stranger! Maybe my little task will serve as an ice breaker with someone else (see what I did there!) But my social butterfly of a husband probably doesn’t need a task, mom.

#3 Always have a non-alcoholic party drink

For various reasons, a solid amount of my family and friend group is sober. You might not have this scenario, but maybe you have a friend who is discreetly trying to hide her pregnancy. Or perhaps one of your guests has a gnarly hangover but they came to your party anyways. Whatever the reason, the best party host always has a non-alcoholic option beyond water. There are some great options out there too! Look into Seedlip, Töst, Kin


Do you have any great hosting tips? Please share in the comments below!


xx Veronica



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