Essential Sewing Kit


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  • Product Description

      Like its name suggests, this sewing kit is essential. It includes everything you need to mend clothes and other fabrics throughout your home. Though the primary use is for sewing, you’ll be surprised how often, say, a soft measuring tape or straight pin will come in handy around the house. Plus, it’s French, so you know it’s so chic.

      This kit makes a great gift for the first-time homeowner (or apartment-renter).

      • Includes:
        • - a pair of scissors
        • - a nickel-plated thimble
        • - a red Sajou tape measure
        • - a small seam ripper
        • - a disc with 40 glass headed dressmakers pins
        • - a dressmaker's chalk
        • - three cocoons of polyester thread (each cocoon contains about 150 metres of thread)
        • - two reels of cotton thread (each contains about 200 metres; one black, one white)
        • - a booklet of 20 assorted sewing needles
        • - three thread cards
        • - a star card with white linen thread (recommended to sew buttons on thick fabrics)
      • Box: 6.5" x 5" x 2"
      • Made in France