About Us

Homie combines old-world glamour with a modern sensibility - and a touch of humor - to elevate our customers’ living, gifting, and entertaining experience.

Homie was born in Veronica Tyler-Nash’s New York City apartment in 2018. As the go-to hostess among her friends, Veronica longed for a curated marketplace geared toward entertaining. She wanted products that were elevated and thoughtful, without needing to make a serious investment (or renting a storage unit to house).

Thus, Homie was founded on three principles:
  1. Servingware should be permanent and collected over time, while tableware can change based on the event (and be disposable).
  2. Cleaning up will always be the worst part of a party, but is much more enjoyable when using chic and nice-smelling products.
  3. One should never arrive to a party empty handed.

Homie is now run out of Los Angeles with the help of Soozi, Veronica's mother/intern.