Nº2 Air + Linen Refresher


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  • Product Description

      Perfect for freshening up between washes, we spray this on everything from sheets and towels to sweaters and jeans. Nº2 Neroli is a moody floral scent with a cult following. It is a great complement to the Nº2 Aromatic Cleaner. We also think it makes a great hostess gift!

      Geranium: deodorizing, fungicidal

      Rose: antiseptic, nerve tonic

      Sweet orange: uplifting, bactericidal

      Neroli: deodorizing, soothing

      • 8 fl oz
      • Distilled water, orange blossom/neroli water, rose water, blend of globally sourced essential oils, food grade h2o2, vegetable oil based emulsifier
      • Made in Oregon, USA